Using Reclaimed Barn Siding For House Surfaces

Old barns that are no longer in use continue to be valuable. They are usually taken apart with care, piece by piece. The barn sidings are reclaimed so that they can be sold to eager buyers. That’s because they have qualities that continue to make them desirable despite their age including the following:

Timeless Beauty

Freshly cut lumber has its own charm but aged wood is overflowing with character. It has a look that can only be achieved through decades of exposure to the elements. If you would like to create a rustic ambiance, then this is the material that you should acquire. Get them for your farmhouse, log cabin, or suburban home. They can transform any room into an antique haven with their rich patina and weathered appearance.

Great Versatility

Reclaimed barn siding can be used in a wide variety of applications. Many use this as finishing to take advantage of its unique look. You can see the planks being reused as siding for country homes or interior paneling in any room. They can also be placed on the floor and polished to perfection. They are so strong that some get them for heavy timber framing. With their rustic appearance, they make excellent accent features in combination with artworks. Some have used the siding as farmhouse countertop with impressive results. Since this is excellent wood, it should be no surprise that it is also a favorite among furniture makers.


Using reclaimed barn sliding is not just good for homes, it is also good for the environment. Giving them a new life means preventing waste. Instead of dumping them on a landfill, they get a chance to shine in another capacity for many years to come. Utilizing these planks will also reduce the demand for new timber. It may be a small contribution, but it slows down the need for cutting more trees just the same.

Impressive Durability

The barns where they came from tend to be several decades old. Some will perhaps be over a century old. Most have remained intact thanks to the strength and durability of the wood. In the past, trees were grown to full maturity before they were cut down. These are abundant so people would get to choose the best ones with the straightest trunks and the tallest heights for their projects. Sadly, the old growth forests where these came from have already been depleted. Find them where you can to enjoy these increasingly rare specimens.


Some of these sidings have come from historic places. Builders may use them to own a piece of history and remember the past. They may also learn about the way people lived a century ago just by studying how the wood has been marked, weathered, stained, and so on.

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