Understanding The Functions Of A Stormwater Catch Basin

Some types of pipe cameras have a function of incrementing text for comments, which is especially useful during important passages. Thanks to a video and photo recording function, the images are exploitable and can be reviewed after the inspection.

Video inspection of your drainage pipes for an optimized report. reviously, even with a partial problem of the pipes, when they are difficult to access, it was necessary to dismantle an entire network in order to repair it, because it was more difficult to determine exactly where the point of malfunction was.

Today, a television camera inspection pipe can accurately locate the problem, determine its magnitude, have accurate coordinates and make a diagnosis faster. Although an investment in this type of camera can be more expensive, it is still profitable because it reduces the time of evaluation of problems, so less time on the ground. It also offers the possibility to establish an accurate quote so no surprise in the bills.

The drains of sanitary ware and appliances are conveyed to a pipe with a larger diameter: the drain column. From the drainage catch basin system, the black and gray waters reach the septic tank or the city sewage system. All the drains of the hydraulic system are connected to a vent pipe that keeps them at ambient pressure avoiding annoying inconveniences, such as gurgling from the siphons and returns of bad smells.

For the same reason every sanitary system is equipped with a siphon: this is nothing more than a hydraulic system in which the water contained inside is a sealed closure, which isolates the drainage pipe from the outside. The diameter, the path and the inclination of the pipes must be studied to ensure optimal operation of the entire drainage system: pipes that are too small when leaving the sanitary facilities create difficulties.

What you need to know about the Stormwater Catch Basin

The recommended minimum diameter for internal discharge branches is approximately 40 mm. The inclination must be between 1% and 2%; Excessive inclinations cause a too rapid outflow of the liquid leaving the solid particles behind, while insufficient inclinations cause stagnation in the pilots and sediments in the tubes.

The drain pipes of the Stormwater Catch Basin normally run in grooves made using the empty spaces of the wall bricks or placing them under the floor: this is why they must be made before the plaster and the floor underlay. The vent system is a fundamental part of the drainage system and is designed to keep all the pipes at ambient pressure in a specific area.

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