Ultimate Guide To Alexandrite Gemstone

If you are into precious stones or jewelry, you’ve probably heard or come across the precious alexandrite gemstone. But if you haven’t, we always here to take you through your exploration journey before you make that purchase. The market is full of quacks and cheap stones, some colored to confuse you, and if you something, we always work in ensuring that none of our readers should go through that purchase. Alexandrite gemstone is one scarce gem in the world, and because of this, its value has appreciated over the years. And buying this as your engagement ring or future investment is the wisest move, but you need to be sure you are buying the right stone.

Physical Appearance of Alexandrite

This rare stone is known for its ability to display different colors in different lighting environments. The game has an emerald color during the night, green in sunlight, and red in dark or incandescent light. The modern June game or birthstone is costly, and rare few miners or people have seen a real and natural alexandrite. They are mostly used to make excellent jewelry and other precious products like watches and chains.

Alexandrite Value

This gem has two primary price dividers; the first one is the color; the closer the colors to pure red and green, the higher the price. The second value divider is the ability or distinct color change, the higher the value of the stone. This gemstone can exhibit everything from a full-color shift to a small color variation. Thus, the most expensive or valuable gems would have a high color shift ability from pure red to green. Blue-greens and brownish or purplish holds less value on a random market. If you are looking for a good alexandrite, you should consider buying the red to green transition.

Evaluating Clarity

It’s important as a buyer to always evaluate the quality of the gem you buy, and this is the aspect that you will use to be sure that you are buying something good. This is important as it helps you observe or find out if there are no visible inclusion in the gem. Generally, if the stone is less included or has no inclusion, its value is high, proving the originality and its real value. Ensure you buy something excellent or natural; it takes to research and an excellent supplier to be sure that the gem you are buying worth the price and the occasion.

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