Top Reasons To Use 1 Day Contact Lenses

Through the course of history many scientists including Leonardo da Vinci considered various methods by which the human corneal power could be altered. It was only in the 1960s that contact lenses were produced commercially. With advancements in science and technology the material from which the lenses were made improved tremendously.

The Need for 1 Day Contact Lenses

One of the biggest problems that people faced when they wore long use 1 day contact lenses was that they often irritated the eyes and caused infections. The reason behind this was quite simple. The lens itself came in direct contact with the eyes, and small deposits of proteins, lipids and calcium were common. The build up of these deposits along with long term use could cause infection. Furthermore, the lenses were also vulnerable to air borne allergens.

The long duration lenses also require diligent care and cleaning. They need to be soaked in special solution so that they do not dry up. They need to be frequently cleansed to avoid dirt and natural build up on the surface of the lens. Unfortunately soaking the lenses in solution does not sterilize them, and thus leaves the eyes vulnerable to infection. And finally, users have to be very careful when putting on and taking them off, lest they lose a lens.

Advantages of 1 Day Contact Lenses

The invention of the daily use contact lens has empowered contact lens users across the world. They no longer have to worry about eye irritation and infection as they use a fresh pair of lenses every day. You will also not need to follow a long ritual to cleanse and disinfect the lenses or store them.
Some may say that they cost more than the long wear kind but the fact is that you will also save money as you will not have to buy lens care products. Most importantly these are convenient and comfortable. Wearing a pair will feel like you are wearing brand new sterilized lenses, because you actually are. You can also easily switch between using them and wearing glasses, as required. This makes them an attractive alternative for people who play sports.

People who use disposable of 1 day contact lenses say that their eyes feel less tired at the end of the day than they did with conventional long use ones. Buying and storing them is very simple as each lens comes individually packaged in its own tiny container of solution. This is also a good option for people who want to try colored lenses. You could change the color of your eyes based on your mood or whim. If you intend to begin using single day lenses, do consult with your ophthalmologist first.

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