Top Benefits Of CLA Lighting For Your Property

CLA Lighting is an Australian owned company that provides innovative, high-quality energy-saving lamps and trendy lighting fixtures. It offers its products mainly to commercial, residential, industrial, and utility markets. Furthermore, CLA has continuously evolved to be at per with the current technology, especially in LED lighting. As a result, CLA has managed to offer its customers with national and international lighting trends. Furthermore, they have different lighting products, including a foray into indoor and outdoor decorative lighting. There are various benefits of CLA lighting.


CLA Lighting bulbs have a longer lifespan than standard lighting. Furthermore, the lifespan of CLA LED lighting is usually 15,000-50,000 hours, a minimum of 2-10 years. For instance, if the energy-saving lamp form CLA is continuously for 8 hours each day, yet has a life span of 30,000 hours, this lamp will serve you for seven years. Moreover, if you use the light for less than 8 hours a day, it can help you for up to 15 years!

Variety of colors and Temperatures

Initially, CLA lightings only came in bright cool white color. However, with time they have evolved to give different colors and temperatures. Furthermore, with traditional halogen bulbs, the color temperature in kelvin is usually fixed. On the other hand, CLA energy saving bulbs come in a variety of forms, including the warm white and cool white colors and different temperatures.


CLA lighting products consume 80-90% less energy as compared to incandescent and halogen lights. The energy-saving bulbs may be more expensive to purchase. However, the effects of use eventually will ensure that you retrieve your money since you will notice a reduction in your energy bill.

No need to warm-up

With other energy-saving lights, you may have noticed that when you switch it on, you wait for a moment before the light comes on in full. However, with a CLA energy-saving lamp, this is not the case since they immediately come at 100% full strength. Hence, the other lights take a while because they need to warm up to come on.


CLA highlights products are eco-friendly than any other type of light. Due to their longer lifespan and the ability to use less energy make them friendly to the environment. Moreover, these lights do not contain any toxic mercury that may be found in other bulbs. Therefore, they are much more environmentally friendly.

CLA has a product to satisfy every requirement. From energy-saving CFL lamps, fluorescent lighting, recessed lighting, outdoor landscape lighting, indoor lighting, and complex environment lighting to most modern LED lights and fittings. Furthermore, they ensure that these products are of quality at a pocket-friendly price.

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