Top 3 Maintenance Tips For Frameless Glass Shower Screens

Framless glass shower screens may be expensive but they certainly offer value for money. For one, they are beautiful compared to their framed counterparts. They don’t have unattractive additions such as metal and rubber seals and therefore give your shower a fresh, clean look. In addition, frameless models can be customized meaning you aren’t tied to the usual standard sizes. You can customize it to match your home’s overall décor. This kind of flexibility is the main reason homeowners opt for frameless shower screens over framed ones.

Although these screens naturally look great, they have the capacity to lose their esthetics if not properly cared for. Soap and scum stains can do a number on your screens which means you need a regular cleanliness and maintenance routine to enjoy the benefits of your glass screens. Without further ado, here is a quick overview of a few maintenance tips worth considering:

Use Vinegar For Basic Cleaning

There are thousands of glass cleaning solutions in the market today that promise to do the job effectively. Unfortunately, not all of them actually live up to their promises. Vinegar has been known to get rid of scum, kill bacteria, and even eliminate mold from your glass screens. The cleaning process using vinegar is pretty straightforward — spray some undiluted white vinegar on the glass then wipe it down using a clean rag to remove mildew and mold. If removal of soap scum is what you are after, a small squeegee will come in handy before the rag gives the glass a polished finish.

Use Baking Soda For Stubborn Stains

If for some reason, your framless glass shower screens have tough stains on them, don’t sweat it. Just grab some baking powder from your pantry then add a small amount of tap water—just enough to make a runny paste. Apply some of the paste on a cleaning sponge or cloth and gently rub your glass screens until they are squeaky clean.

Don’t Forget The Shower Head

Many people focus all their attention on the shower screens oblivious of the fact that the shower head is actually the dirtiest part of the bathroom. It harbors high levels of bacteria known for causing a string of lung infections. Make a point of scrubbing the shower head regularly to avoid making your family members sick.

Maintenance of frameless glass models is not rocket science. With the right equipment and tools, you should be done in a matter of minutes. Just ensure you make it a continuous routine for the best results.

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