Tips For Choosing The Best Bars In Wicker Park

Wicker Park has long been a neighborhood where people converge to drink, making it have the best bard in Chicago lining the streets. It is parked with fancy cocktail bars, dive bars, and well-stocked beer bars. For instance, you can spend your evening crawling between dive bars, soak in the city’s views from the rooftop, or get something fancy at a high-class cocktail bar. Besides, it is easy to find something great to sip in this hood, but first, you need to select the Best Bars in Wicker Park. Make your decision with the below tips;

Pick a Bar With Things to Do

When selecting a bar, look for that which offers more than the usual large bar top with TVs and music. A good bar provides exciting and fun activities for the people who visit there to do. Besides, bars with a pool table, arcade games, karaoke, beer-pong, bull-riding, an event or a show, and other activities tend to be more appealing. Furthermore, you can interact with women and still participate in something different than sitting around all night doing nothing.

Pick a Bar That Has a Place to go Outside.

This is important during the summer. Being able to explore outside when the weather is conducive is a nice out. Moreover, most women prefer to hang outside on a warm summer night. Therefore, it is a great area to strike a conversation away from the loud music and the craziness inside the bar. Furthermore, here you can get to know someone easily and even ask for a dance! Also, such bars offer good conditions for interaction and boost your ability to socialize as you will get comfortable after a chat.

Pick a Bar with Good Music and Dance Floor

Most bars have some music, but most bars have great music. Moreover, it must have a place to dance. Great music is not necessarily the music you love; however, it should be great to dance to have fun. Additionally, the dance floor does not have to be huge but should accommodate the people and still have some space to move around. The dancing floor should be big enough to accommodate the bar capacity at any given time.

Best Bars in Wicker Park has it all, from your local dive bar to upscale cocktail lounges. Hence, if you are looking to sing your heart out in karaoke or get in a good ping pong game, this Chicago neighborhood offers a diverse experience. Therefore, this artsy neighborhood always has something cool going on.

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