Tips For Buying Quality Wood Furniture

Cheap furniture is never the best. They may save you some significant bucks initially, but the initial savings would be offset by the poor user experience and overall inferior product quality. That said, an expensive furniture doesn’t guarantee best results. So what are the things constituting quality furniture? If you are in the market looking to buy the best quality furniture in Canada or any other country, keep the following things in consideration.


There are different types of woods – for instance, soft and hardwood. Hardwood doesn’t mean physical rigidity. It means the material is made from deciduous tree. Softwood, on the other hand, indicates coniferous tree roots. And certain hardwoods such as aspen are softer compared to some softwoods. As a buyer, your requirement would be to own scratch-resistant wood. If drawing a thin line across the wood with a fingernail makes a noticeable dent, it means the material won’t stand the test of time.

Structurally speaking, most solid woods would fit the bill. If you’re buying plywood, ensure the material has nine layers at least. Look for knots in the wood, including unexposed pieces. Usually, all knots can crack. Certain woods such as pine have more knots than the norm, which makes them less desirable. Stay away from pressed wood, fiberboard, or particleboard. If buying from some of the best furniture manufacturers in Canada, they would guide you further.


The primary thing determining furniture quality is joint construction. Any material that’s held together using nails or staples is bad construction. And if there’s glue involved, you would notice the glue. Dowels or wooden pegs are ideal and as good as screws. The best joints usually come with a reinforcing block appended at an angle.

When inspecting, look for thin wood sheets between drawers inside a chest of desk or drawers. Though not necessary, dust panels help improve structural strength and also safeguard drawer contents. Drawers must smoothly run on glides and must have stops for preventing accidental pulling all the way through. The ideal drawers should have bottoms attached to the sides. But they should float internally, compensating for minor contraction and expansion induced by alterations in humidity.


The above is only a gist of things you should look out for when inspecting and buying wood furniture. Moreover, you are likely to forget the attributes to inspect in a wood furniture if the list is too long. Therefore, put it down on a piece of paper or document it elsewhere. Such planning should make it easier and less time-consuming to buy the right furniture.

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