The History Of Afghan Rugs

The history and tradition of the Afghanistan rug are important to many Afghans. This rug is a symbol of their rich cultural heritage as well as their rich history and heritage. Afghan rugs are a type of handmade carpet woven on the ground by Afghans. The history of the Afghanistan rug dates back to centuries. The origin can be traced to Persia, where they were initially woven from wool. The wool was collected in herds in various parts of the country. Then, the wool was spun into fibers and woven into beautiful carpets. Today many of the original Afghan rugs have been woven by the indigenous Afghans who live in Pakistan. Afghan rug was awarded several international awards, each being at the world-renowned Hamburg, Germany fair.

The first award for Afghan rug was for the “Best Decorated” category at the prestigious Salon de l’Orient in Paris, France. This award was given to the “Afghanistan rug” by the Special Awards Committee on the Arts in Geneva, Switzerland. The European Parliament selected the award because it has an exceptional cultural and historical significance to Afghanistan. The awardee was chosen from among the numerous rugs which were woven with traditional woolen threads.

Although the first Afghan rugs were not very popular with the public in the western part of Afghanistan, they have since become increasingly popular. These rugs became popular in the United States in the 1970s because of the popular television program, “Friends,” where they were portrayed as a symbol of peace. Since then, they have become trendy throughout the world. Today, they are considered a symbol of beauty, dignity, cultural heritage, and respect. In addition to being given awards for various reasons, these Afghan rugs have their value as decorative pieces. They can be used to decorate homes and offices. They are common as decorations in museums and art galleries.

One of the largest collections of Afghanistan rugs is in the National Museum of Afghanistan in Kabul, Afghanistan. It features both antique and modern examples of all rugs woven in the country’s rich culture. People often travel to the country to see the beautiful collection of these rugs.

Today, the Afghanistan rug is used as interior and exterior decorations and as a comfort and joy source. As with all other decorative rugs, these rugs can be easily purchased on the Internet at discounted prices and have the same excellent quality as that which is sold in stores.

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