The Best Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Planning a wedding is never easy. This is because the day is not just about the bride and the groom, it is also about the families and friends who attend the wedding. People want to have a great time at the wedding. They want to have great meals and drinks as well as an amazing experience. That is why anyone who is planning a wedding needs to brainstorm wedding entertainment ideas. Since the wedding will be attended by both the young and the old, the best entertainment ideas should please all those who attend the event. The following are some ideas you may want to consider for your wedding entertainment ideas:


It is always a good idea to hire a comedian to entertain guests at the wedding reception. A hearty laugh and a warm ambiance is exactly what you need to make guests feel at home, have fun and enjoy the wedding. Since there are many types of comedians, you should take your time to do the necessary research before making your decision. For instance, you should watch online videos of different comedians performing at weddings and other events. If you find the jokes funny and decent, you should shortlist that comedian. Obviously, you will want to know their reputation and rate they charge before making a decision.

Live Band

One of the best ways of keeping your guests entertained, before, during and after the wedding is by hiring a live band. The ideal band should be able to play different types of music. After all, you want amazing music played during the wedding as the bride walks down the isle. You also want great music played once the couple kisses. At the reception, the band should play the best music, ranging from rock and RnB to classic songs and soul music among other types of music. Guests should be able to sit down and enjoy great music or go to the dance floor to break a move. More importantly, however, the ideal band should be able to play the couples favourite song to make the wedding dance memorable.


Magicians usually amaze everyone with their tricks. Obviously, you know it’s a trick, but since you cannot understand how it works, you can only be amazed. Consider hiring the best magician in town to entertain your guests at the wedding reception. Everyone will appreciate the tricks. The beauty of magic tricks is that everyone appreciates a great trick regardless of their age or gender, so everyone at the wedding reception will have a wonderful time.

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