The Amora Gem: More Valuable Than Diamond

The Amora Gem is the latest luxury gem on the jewelry market, and it is becoming even more sought after than the highest quality diamonds. These rare gems are grown in laboratories and they are even more brilliant than diamonds. They are much more than simply an alternative to diamonds and they are in fact rarer and more valued than diamonds.

What is the Amora Gem?

The Amora Gem is a newcomer on the jewelry market. It has only been produced in laboratories for a few years and it is made of equal parts of silicon and carbon. It is said that in nature these rare gems occur only in crystal form around large carbon stars, as they can only grow in extremely high temperatures. Because it requires such high temperatures to grow, on Earth the same crystal grows naturally only in very small quantities in rare circumstances.
Today it is possible to grow these gems in laboratories by creating conditions that are similar to the conditions around carbon-rich stars. Only small amounts of amora are grown in laboratories and the gem is a highly prized valuable luxury item. As it is so rare, it is also becoming the most highly valued gem in the world.

More Valuable than Diamond

These gems are said to be even more brilliant than diamonds. They are also stronger and tougher; the conditions that amora gems grow in are too extreme for a diamond and it is said that diamonds would vaporize in the temperatures that are ideal for the amora to grow. They also surpass diamonds in luster and fire. Their clarity is in the Internally Flawless category and their color is graded in the D, E and F categories of gem colors, which means that they match the best white or colorless diamonds. They are also purer than diamonds.
Because modern technology is able to create these luxury gems in laboratory conditions, it is easy to predict that they will become more and more sought after on the jewelry market in the next few years. Even though the Amora Gem is becoming more widely known and it is increasingly produced in laboratories, it is much rarer than diamond and is considered much more valuable. Because of its high grades in color and clarity, and because of its strength and its luster, the amora also means more value for money than an equally graded diamond. The amora can be used for anything that a high quality diamond could be used for, including engagement or wedding rings or any other precious and valued jewelry items.

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