Spicing Up Your Hens Party Bus Hire In Sydney: What You Need To Bring

One of the perfect ways of transporting your guests to a wedding, a night out, bachelor, or bachelorette party is using a bus hire. It is also a great way to safely transport your friends, family, kids, or employees to any event that you can think of. But how do you make it more interesting? How do you spice up the experience for your guests? Well, here are a few tips that you can leverage on to get the most out of your hens party bus hire Sydney.

1. Plan Your Menu Well

When planning your menu, strive to think along the lines of a cocktail party instead of a dinner party. This means that the snacks you pack should be light and easy. Pack a wide range of finger foods—bring both non-mealtime and mealtime foods. When estimating the amount of food to pack, expect every guest to have at least two pieces of whatever food item you have in mind. Even for drinks, it is advisable to bring at least two per guest so that they can take one during the first hour and another in the subsequent hour.

2. Mix Your Music Playlist

This really depends on your guests, their musical tastes, and personalities. If they are millennials who tend to their iTunes like gardens, consider bringing a DJ and don’t forget to carry an extra auxiliary cable. If your guests love to mingle, make things easy and ask the bus hire company to brief you on the streaming apps and satellite stations available. Including apps like Spotify in your playlist arsenal can also help you choose music from a plethora of curated playlists.

3. Spice Your Bus Theme

You can always modify the theme of the bus hire to match your event. Even if it doesn’t match the event that you are celebrating or attending, the theme ought to be a random unifying concept that instantly grabs the attention of both your guests and passersby. However, whatever theme you pick, let it be simple. Remember that you may be limited by space and going for complex themes might take a lot of time to set up.

4. Don’t forget to bring a few games

Bringing games on your bus hire can also hype the mood of your event. However, you need to avoid games that are stationary or too elaborate.


Spicing your bus hire is one way of ensuring that your event is going to be enjoyable. It is also a way of ensuring that you truly enjoy the services you are paying for.

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