Slip And Fall Attorney—A Homeowner’s Insurance For Slip And Fall Injuries Guide

A slip and fall accident can occur anywhere and anytime. In fact, more than 800,000 people are hospitalized every year in America from a severe fall accident. Falls at another person’s house can result in substantial injuries that may leave them in a tricky situation, where they are unable to meet their everyday duties and responsibilities effectively and efficiently. In consequence, a person risks losing their job which means also footing their medical bills would be a big problem.

A slip and fall attorney can help victims injured in slip and falls in apartment complexes, retail stores, private property, and government buildings receive adequate compensation so they may get their lives back on track. Even if someone is injured at another person’s house, a slip attorney can help determine if such a person should file a premises liability claim against the property owner.

Premises Liability Claims Against a Homeowner

Every homeowner should ensure their house is in good shape every time. Failing to keep houses in order could be seen as negligence and thus make the injured party file a lawsuit against the property owner. This particular lawsuit would be a premises liability claim against the homeowner. For instance, a homeowner could be held responsible if someone fell while walking up the stairs because of a broken step.
Determining a homeowner’s liability can sometimes be a difficult and challenging task. Because if the homeowner had taken proper care of his house and followed all precautions against injury, the injured party might not be compensated. This also means the homeowner’s insurance would not apply in this case.

When Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Slips and Falls?

Where a property owner is found liable for the injury charges filed against them, many times their homeowner’s insurance coverage may apply. And sometimes these particular policies vary, hence they are usually scrutinized to determine if they are viable and whether they should actually cover a third party’s slip and fall injury. If a person was injured on property, then liability coverage should apply and the injured party should be compensated accordingly.


A slip and fall can cause someone more bodily harm and severe stress than usual. A person could suffer from a neck or spine injury, traumatic brain injury, internal organ damage, or even bear some broken bones. People who cause others harm by sheer negligence should be held accountable, particularly when someone else’s life or health could be at risk if the issue is not addressed. Whether a person is injured on a commercial property or personal property, a slip and fall attorney can help victims get the compensation they deserve. A slip attorney can also help if a person was injured due to a slip or fall at someone else’s house.

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