Portable 12V Jump Starter

If you are a seasoned car owner then you understand how inconveniencing it is to have a non-functional battery. A common solution is to have another car come close by and aid in jump starting your car. This procedure is not only time consuming but unreliable. What would one do if a friendly stranger does not come by? This scenario can be avoided by arming yourself with a portable 12V jump starter.

A portable jump starter works much the same as the other jump starters save for a few differences. Portable jump starters are small, compact, and deliver higher current surges than normal car batteries. Some models also have additional features such as USB ports for charging other devices.

Some jump starters models are integrated into a compressor with which you can inflate the tires of your car. Given the many starter models to choose from, your decision should first be guided by the intended purpose of the starter. A simple starter is enough but having additional features is a plus.

How to Use a Portable Jump Starter

Portable jump starters work by sending strong currents to a car’s battery which, in effect, makes the battery operational. Before connecting a starter to your battery, first make sure the ignition is off and your starter is also switched off. Remove the ignition key for safety. Trying to jump start a car while it is ON may damage the device as well as other systems within the car.

The next step is to connect the red alligator clip to the positive terminal of the battery. Connect the black alligator clip to the negative terminal to complete the circuit. Now switch ON your jump starter. With these connections made, you should now get into your car and turn ON the ignition. A large current should flow from your jump starter to the car battery and make it operational. Go ahead to switch OFF the starter before disconnecting it from the car battery.

A car battery should pick up on the first trial unless it is in a bad condition. In this case, allow the jump starter a 3- to 5-minute interval before trying again. Trying to jump start too fast may damage the device. Also, ensure all other car systems are switched off as they may draw additional current and disrupt the starting process.

Final Thoughts

Jump starters are useful devices that every car owner should purpose to have. A 12V jump starter can help in a situation that would otherwise warrant leaving your car behind. Besides, these devices are easy to use and require minimal maintenance.

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