Nothing Shouts Exotic Like The Californian Elephant Bar Menu

At the elephant bar, the menu is designed to fit anyone dining solo, with their spouse, or a group of friends. In addition, there is plenty of king size orders for a large family. This elephant bar menu should be a good reason to visit the restaurant the next time you are in California.


Soups and salads are a good option for prepping yourself for the main course. For soup, order the baked French onion soup with a basket of pastries. Alternatively, chicken tortilla soup is an excellent appetizer inspired by the Mexicans. A third option for soup is the seasonal selection that lets you order soup according to ingredients available in that season.

You can never go wrong with salads at the elephant bar. For vegans, the mango salad with baby kales is a first choice. It is topped with cherry tomatoes, toasted pecans, and garnished with balsamic vinaigrette. Meat lovers would enjoy the Thai High chicken salad mixed with tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and greens. This is garnished with a sweet savory dressing made of ginger and spices.

Shared Plates

When on a date or meeting a friend at the Elephant bar, a shareable plate would fit the intimate occasion. Order some chicken lettuce wraps topped with water chestnuts and coconut flakes. The wraps are garnished with Thai peanut sauce and orange cilantro sauce.

A quick order would be the seared Ahi tuna served with mixed greens and rice noodles. The platter is garnished with Ponzu sauce to taste. The soy-ginger calamari steak should be equally tantalizing. The steak is topped with sesame seeds and garnished with Asian dipping sauce.

If you really have an appetite, there are two large orders to try. One is French onion ribeye sliders garnished with Swiss cheese and caramelized au jus onions. The ribeye sliders are serviced with a plate of herb & parmesan chips. The second option is a mammoth platter that features nachos bagger sliders and onion rings dipped in beer batter.

Exotic Dishes

Elephant bar is one of the many places in California to sample an exotic meal. For those who love Asian cuisine, there are three options to go with. One is the Misoyaki salmon glazed with soy sauce and served with rice and fresh veggies. A second option is crunchy teriyaki chicken topped with sesame seeds and served with wok vegetables and rice. Thirdly, savory Mongolian beef in shiitake mushrooms really taunts the taste buds, especially with hot chili garnish.

For something Hawaiian, order the blackened mahi mahi dish garnished with mango salsa. This is served with side plates of bourbon rice, andouille sausages, and sautéed vegetables. There is also the option to go Italian at the Elephant Bar. The experience comes in a simple dish of grilled marinated chicken garnished with linguini Alfredo sauce. Order this with a side plate of garlic bread and you are good to go.

There is no harm in trying out the Californian homemade recipes either. Frequent diners recommend the home style slow roasted tender beef served with garlic mash potatoes. The platter is topped with carrots, celery, onions, and brown gravy garnish.

Final Thoughts

The elephant bar menu lets you experience different cultures and cuisines all under one roof. Whether you are dining alone, with a friend or family, there are meal choices to enjoy with a cold drink at Elephant Bar.

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