Maximizing Your Wedding Blog Traffic After Your Post Session

One of the best ways of marketing yourself as a wedding photographer in Melbourne is to advertise for free through blogging. And when it comes to marketing yourself through blogging, there are many strategies that you can apply. For instance, you can focus solely on search engine optimization (SEO) or buy Google ads. But SEO takes time, and Google ads are quite expensive, especially for starters. So, how can you boost your traffic immediately after a post session? Well, here are the top 4 tricks you can use:

1. Timing

Generally, clients and their friends tend to be most excited immediately after a photo shoot. So, to get more views, you have to post the photos as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more your clients’ excitement wears off.

2. Centralize

Many photographers tend to have two to three websites: one for their blogs, one for their portfolio, one for their wedding event management Sydney side gig and another for their galleries. They may also add a Facebook page on top of all these. It is important to note that this may not a be good strategy as all these platforms will be competing for traffic from each other. Strive to centralize and focus your traffic to one location: your blog. Remember that your website or blog doesn’t get any SEO juice when your audience shares your Facebook gallery. Let them share your blog post and not your social media fan page.

3. Be social

Ensure that your images and blog posts are sharable. Install Facebook “like” plugins, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest buttons on your website to provide your audience with a seamless way of sharing your content. When your audience interacts with your post by pinning, liking, or commenting, you make it easier for such interactions to show up in their social media accounts.

4. Incentivize

It is not mandatory for your audience or clients to market your wedding photography business to their friends or to help you with any form of SEO. Well, it is okay if they do. However, if they do, it is only fair to provide them with some sweet incentives. There are a lot of things that give your clients as a token of appreciation—from discounts on their next photo shoots to gift cards among others.

The above highlighted are the top 4 tips of getting more traffic to your wedding photography blog fast without breaking the bank. Remember, getting your work viewed by as many people as possible is the best way of getting your brand or photography skills out there. So, don’t shelve any sensible photography tips that you discover; try to put them into action by experimenting with as many tips as possible.

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