Landscape Design 101: Guide For New Homeowners

Whereas proper landscape design can transform the outdoors of every home, landscaping can be quite overwhelming particularly for new homeowners. But overwhelming as it can be, landscaping can be less complicated if done properly using the right design. Here is a guide on landscape design for new homeowners.

Basic landscaping principles

• Balance: Your landscaping design should have an aspect of equality. There are two types of balance in landscape design namely, asymmetrical and symmetrical balance. In the latter, both sides of the design are identical while in the former, the design is balanced via different objects and elements.

• Color: Color is crucial for giving any landscape design a sense of life. Orange, red and other warm colors can make an object look closer. Colors such as green and blue can make objects appear far away, and thus they are ideal for creating perspective.

• Line: Line is undoubtedly one of the most important elements in landscape design. From creating beds, texture, entryways to walkways, lines are used virtually everywhere. They also create an illusion of distance and depth.

• Unity: In landscaping, unity is consistency and repetition of design. Repetition is used for creating unity in a landscape design simply through repeating similar elements which include décor and plants in the landscape. On the other hand, consistency is used for creating unity by fitting various elements of the landscape design together to create a balanced theme.

4 trending landscape design ideas to try this year

• Making a great first impression: A properly landscaped garden can add appeal to the overall home, creating a sense of great first impression. Homeowners are now finding ingenious ways of creating a notable impression by incorporating flowering plants to complement the entry path, installing lighting to brighten up the front door, and adding seasonal containers to the garden for added beauty.

• Enhancing low maintenance: Considering most homeowners are busy today, they are nowadays opting for landscaping designs that will help simplify their gardens. For instance, homeowners are removing messy shrubs or trees that don’t offer any ecological benefits, installing pavers that don’t require regular cleaning and planting perennial plants that don’t need regular watering.

Combining multiple landscape elements: The trend is all about multi-tasking various landscape elements to serve multiple design purposes. For instance, homeowners can combine appealing outdoor features with vertical gardens to create functional landscape add-ons.

• Building a staycation spot: Homeowners are making staycation spots in their garden to make them feel like they are on vacation throughout the year. Creating a staycation entails investing in outdoor furniture, installing lighting in outdoor spaces and installing an outdoor kitchen.

The kind of landscape design you opt for can significantly transform your home. Even if you are a new homeowner, you can always find a landscape design that best suits your home. Therefore, ensure the design you pick can potentially add value to your home by making it more aesthetically appealing.

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