Introduction To Mexican Huarache Sandals

When it comes to casual fashion, focus on everything that draws attention to the lower body: short or split dresses, to show off your calf or a knee when you move. No meshes too worked: for the upper body choose sobriety and vertical lines.

Ruffles, drapes, folds, (if you are more than 1m70 tall.) Also privileges: short dresses, and oversize motifs (large flowers, rhombs). They are the strong elements of the season, which give thickness and presence to the body. The astuteness: the materials with shimmering reflections, bright, satin, which make the silhouette more full.

Your silhouette is inverted triangle: broad shoulders, a prosperous bust, a lower body than the upper one, thin legs. Your strengths: the legs, but also the breasts as long as it is toned. Be careful not to tighten your stomach or life, which often tend to weigh down.

When you talk about enhancing our body with clothing you do not intend to try to hide our own forms, but rather try to bring out our strong points to feel at ease, happy and confident about what he is wearing. But which are the most suitable clothes for every body?

Enhance your appearance

Every woman has her own shapes and stature. In general, however, there are guidelines that you should keep in mind whatever your body size. always find clothes that fall well, sock perfectly – in short, with the right fit: neither too tight, nor too loose, without the slavery of wanting to wear a certain size;

Choose underwear and Mexican Huarache Sandals that is appropriate to one’s own forms: containing but not wrung out, plumping but not exaggerated and, above all, never vulgar. Adapt, arrange, touch up your clothes: never forget the usefulness of a good tailoring work, it works wonders. Match the right accessories: shoes (Mexican Huarache Sandals) and bags, but also jewels and scarves give the final touch to any outfit.

Today you analyze two items of clothing in particular: jeans, trousers that accompany us daily in any matter you need to hurry up, and skirts, the symbol of the claim of femininity.
Whether you are more a lover of the skirt or pants, in any case a must have of your wardrobe are definitely a pair of jeans.

Let’s see which is best suited to the various shapes: for women with apple, shorts are perfect, for those with a rectangle and inverted triangle instead the skinny are the ideal choice, but be careful: there are many models. You therefore need to find the one that best suits our forms, choosing between elasticized, snatching models and those that offer more support to the B-side.

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