Interesting Facts About Natural Perfumes

Many people are opting to use natural perfumes rather than conventional scents, one of the main reasons being that they contain no chemicals, unlike most of those sold commercially.

Benefits of natural perfumes

Some of the benefits of using natural scents include:

• They have physical and emotional healing properties
• They contain no toxic chemicals
• Unlike commercial perfumes, they are not tested on animals
• They do not mask the skin, but create individual, personal scents when applied

However, there are some interesting facts about natural perfumes that many people are unaware of.

Why is it called a natural perfume?

They are called “natural” because the ingredients used in their manufacture contain no chemicals whatsoever. Instead these perfumes are made with mainly essential oils and other ingredients obtained from natural sources.

How are they different to the perfumes sold in pharmacies and stores?

The scents sold in stores are mass-produced with synthetic chemicals to give them their aroma. Although some of these list sandalwood or rose as being ingredients, they actually contain minute amounts or even none at all! Instead, these aromas are created synthetically, frequently from petrochemicals and often include harmful phthalates.

Some natural scents are colored. Is dye used to give them these colors?

Any natural scents that are colored get their hues from Mother Nature – usually from the flowers that are used to create them.

How long does a natural perfume last?

The normal shelf-life for natural perfumes is between 2 to 2 years. If kept for longer, the perfume doesn’t go “bad”. Instead the strength of the scent fades gradually over time.

What is the best way to store natural scents?

According to those in the know, it is best to store these scents in a cool, dark area away from heat, humidity and direct sunlight. When stored correctly, Natural Perfumes will maintain their original condition for longer.

Do natural scents last as long on the skin as commercial perfumes?

Natural scents can be worn for a few hours and then reapplied to maintain their strong aroma on the skin.

Are natural scents available in sold form?

Yes, they are available in solid form. Bees wax and oil are included during the manufacture of natural scents, giving them a balm-like consistency. Since there are no spills with solid perfumes, they are ideal to be used while traveling and amazing for discreet application all through the day. They are worn close to the skin and are never overpowering for the wearer, making them ideal to wear during a work day.

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