Important Things You Need To Know About 24 Months Sleep Regression

24 Months Sleep Regression – How to Deal with it? Parenthood brings many challenges, and one of them is 24 months sleep regression. It is the final sleep regression that you need to cope up with. The good thing is that parents have already dealt with many sleep regressions such as 4-months and 8-months. Therefore, they know a lot about this situation. Thus, making a game plan to handle this problem is not that difficult for them. However, one thing that you should keep in mind that this regression is related to separation anxiety. Whatever your game plan is, it must include a lot of hugs and kisses, so this transition becomes super comfortable for him. At this stage, your child is young, and he can talk about his feelings. So, listen to their needs; this way, you will better handle the problem.

What is it?

After two years, you will feel like you have a newborn at home again. Your kid will suddenly wake up from sleep at night. As he is awake, you need to stay up to take care of him. He will resist taking naps and may skip them many times. You will be clueless about why your baby is waking up again. This whole scenario is 24 months sleep regression.

Why is it Happening?

Although you feel like there is no reason behind your child’s behavior, yet there are plenty of genuine reasons, many changes have occurred. The first change happens in his sleeping arena, and he is shifting from crib to toddler bed. Another change is learning to potty-train. His attitude may be all because he has a younger sibling. As he is not getting enough attention, he always wanted to. Therefore he is changing his attitude. Another possible is true nightmares that wake him up during the night. Last but not least, your kid might be entering into a life phase where he needs to stay awake more than to sleep. All these reasons contribute to changes in your child’s sleep pattern.

How to Deal with it?

If you are facing 24 months of sleep regression, you need to maintain your patience because your child will test you. There will be lots of whining and tantrums. So, be ready for it. Try not to make changes in your child’s schedule quickly. If he is giving you a tough time, try to relax his mind through kisses and hugs. This sleep regression will last for four to six weeks; after that, he will return to his normal sleeping habits. Keep in mind that your child only needs quality time, so give that to him. He is learning to get independent in his life, but he still needs comfort, security, and reassurance from your side.

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