How To Set Up Your Own School

If you are thinking of how to open a new school, congratulations are definitely in order. This is because there is big money in this business but you have to remember that education is a social service. The bottom line for every school owner is not a high profit margin but the provision of an essential service. If you know this then your school should aim for academic excellence and service to humanity. Below are some things you should do if you want to set up a school.


The first thing you should is decide if you want to set up a nursery school, a primary school or a secondary school. Once you have made this decision, the next step is to work hard to make the dream a reality.


Now, you cannot just rent a flat downtown; employ teachers and start running your school. Setting up a school involves a lot of paperwork and you need to get this right from day one. One of the first things you should do is register your school with the relevant government agencies and supervisory bodies.


The ideal situation is to buy land and build your school in accordance with the right standards for an institution of learning. However, this is a big step and you may not have the cash to do this. The alternative is to rent or lease the right property in a convenient location. Once you have taken care of this important requirement, you can go ahead and plant flowers, invest in furniture and generally ensure that all the facilities are in place.


Obviously, you cannot teach all the students in the school and this is why you should employ both academic and non-academic staff to help you run the school. Getting the right teaching staff is vital so you should employ highly qualified and experienced people. If possible, you can poach some star teachers from other schools. This will give your school a great image from day one.

Getting Your Students

This is not as difficult as it appears because you can start small. Your first pupils/students should be your own children. Other pioneer students are likely to be your neighbors’ kids, children of your friends and children of your business partners and professional colleagues. Once you have some students in every class, you can be sure other kids will join them if your teachers can deliver the goods.

Final Word

Now, your dream has come true and your school is up and running. However, you still have a long way to go. Enforce academic standards; think big and you will keep getting better. This is how to open a new school.

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