How To Choose The Best Sydney Wedding Bands

Whether or not you are a music person, your choice of music on your wedding day is one of the most crucial decisions you will ever make. This is mainly because the music goes hand in hand with your memories of that day. So ultimately, you need to start by narrowing down your choices. Lots of people would love to weigh out their options prior to making a decision. However, if you love live music then perhaps hiring a wedding band is the best option for you. Most people immediately dismiss this option because they think it would be too costly, however, don’t rule it out just yet as there are many advantages of using Sydney wedding bands for your wedding day. There are also a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to hiring a wedding band for this special day.

Firstly, you should not dismiss the idea of a live band without doing any research on this option. You may find that it ties in with your budget. In that case, if live music is something you always had an inclination towards, you should go for this option. It is also much more authentic than playing music off an MP3 player, CD or record.

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to wait until the wedding day to actually meet the wedding band in person. While listening to recordings may be all good and well, since they will be playing live music for you, you actually do need to hear what they sound like – live. So what you can do is go to one of their performances if they are having any or actually ask them to do a little rehearsal for you and your fiancé in person. Some things that you need to observe is exactly how well they play, how well they get the crowd going, how well they emcee and whether they take requests.

If you are like most people, then you definitely have your must-play songs. Ensure that you talk to the bandleader and ensure that these songs are not missed out under any circumstances. Other things to consider is the volume at which they are playing during certain times of the wedding or reception. You can always request for the volume to be lower during cocktail or dinner time and then louder when the dance floor opens up. Ultimately, you should remember to have things under control since you are hiring the wedding band and they need to follow your instructions and accommodate you.

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