How To Capture Great Lifestyle Photography

Did you know that the photography industry is classified into several types? Among the many types, lifestyle photography is an interesting art that captures real-life images. It is aimed at sharing an individual story through candid and unstaged scenes. Although it may be taken in a people-centric way, it is best done in family photographs.Want to learn more on how to venture into lifestyle photography? The following tips will be useful in your lifestyle photography journey.


When capturing lifestyle photos, an artist must document the client life the way it is without creating some altercations. Therefore, the images should remain close to reality and natural. To capture this type of images, not every type of camera can do it. Get a device that will provide authentic images that will bring out the scenes as they are.

When capturing an individual lifestyle using a camera, the pictures should reflect on their daily lives. As such, avoiding posed portraits, artificial lighting, added props, or photoshoots taken in studios is necessary. To get the best images, ask the clients to present themselves as natural as possible when going for a shoot. This will lead to a comfortable photoshoot and less strenuous scenes.

Plan and Shoot in Regular Scenes

Planning your photography sessions ahead of schedule is paramount to capturing of spontaneous moments. First, discover your clients some days before the shootout and take them through the process as part of preparation. This enhances cooperation and makes the whole exercise comfortable for both parties. Also, run a check on what they like most and what they despise in their everyday lives.

Establish their favorite locations before landing in their compound with your crew. Identify their preferred spot for evenings and afternoon, or where they do creative things while at home. With this information in mind, it will be easier to choose suitable scenes for the photos and will have another option if one of the selected spots backfires.

Direct their Actions and Anticipate Each Moment

To obtain candid photos while offering guidance to your subjects, show them what they should do instead of telling them how they should do it. For instance, asking them their preferred game or activity and use it to learn their poses. Involving them in their day-to-day activities will make them forget the camera and enhance their comfort during the photography session. Also, it will give you a chance to capture great images.


Capturing the lives of a client in breathtaking photographs is an amazing opportunity that can boost your business. However, proper planning and full of participation of the client is the secret behind great lifestyle photography.

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