Guide To International Airfare Deals

When planning to buy a plane ticket, pay attention to the prices charged in travel agencies on airline sites. For International Airfare Deals, it is better to buy your ticket between seven and eight months in advance. It’s the right timing to find the best prices on regular airlines. The economic model of the low cost companies obliges them to adapt permanently to the proposed offers. The same airline ticket can be worth up to four times its base price depending on the date of purchase and current promotions.

Subscribing to newsletters allows you to receive current and future promotions. The offers are limited in number and time, so it is better to be the first served. It saves time and, above all, it allows to have an idea of prices over a given period.

For a Paris to New York flight, many airlines serve the route, so you can either go to the websites of each airline or have a first idea by browsing the different flight price comparisons platforms.

The best offers from the airlines are mainly on the least busy times of the year on the destination. When it is possible to travel outside school holidays, prices fall by up to 40%. The peak of search and purchase of tickets happens on weekends, it is better to book during the week.

Some companies charge different rates depending on whether it is weekdays or weekends. If you can, conduct the same research on another computer; you will often be surprised at the difference.

Unlike conventional return flights, multi-destination flights include one or more stages. Buying a multi-destination airline ticket is often less expensive than the sum of equivalent flights-to-flights. But finding a cheap multi-destination ticket is not so easy. Anyway, always remember to ensure your plane tickets so you do not lose the value of flights in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Multi-destination flight allows you to schedule multiple stages on a single plane ticket. For example, it allows you to travel from Paris to New York, then from New York to Miami, before returning to Paris. Airlines do not consider this type of trip as a succession of one-way trips, but as a return trip with stops.

Currently, most companies offer multi-destination tickets with up to five stages. A multi-destination flight will always be cheaper than the sum of “one-way” tickets corresponding to the same trip. Some companies even offer discounts on their internal flights if you buy your international flight home to thank you for your loyalty.

For example, you can visit Indonesia with one single flight ticket (Paris – Jakarta – Bali – Lombok – Paris) at an attractive rate.

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