Golden Corral Menu Changes

If you’ve ever visited Golden Corral you already know the buffet menu is extensive. The buffet style chain offers several choices in all food categories, including meats, pasta, vegetables, potatoes, salads, and desserts. What you may not know is that the chain has recently added several new items to choose from, whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

The Golden Corral menu has expanded for lunch and dinner. While the chain has always made sure plenty of meats are available, visitors can now get rib eye steaks grilled to order. You simply need to tell the chef working at the station how you would like your steak cooked, whether rare or well done. Chefs are willing to please and don’t mind going the extra mile to satisfy guests.

In addition to ribeye, the chain offers portabella mushroom carved sirloin, sirloin steak, roast beef, pot roast, ribs, and much more. There are often several Asian style beef dishes as well. If you’re not a fan of beef, the restaurants offer several pork and sausage dishes. There are always several types of chicken available, from fried to grilled. Bourbon chicken and Teriyaki style is also available to diners.

While the buffet has always offered several choices of vegetable, the offerings have expanded in this area as well. You can choose from a mix or go straight for your favorite, whether you prefer Lima beans, carrots, corn, peas, or broccoli. Parents with small children can choose what they know their little ones will eat or introduce them to something new.

Many guests like to visit Golden Corral for brunch on the weekends. The good news is that several new items have been added to the breakfast and brunch menus. Breakfast burritos are among some of the newer choices. But, apple spice coffee cake is another new item sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. In addition to these items, the buffet continues to offer made to order omelets and other traditional breakfast or brunch items.

Golden Corral continues to offer many choices for dessert. Options range from fruits covered with chocolate from the fountain to attractive cakes and delicious pies. Some diners may have a hard time deciding which to try first. Birthday gatherings at the chair are sure to please, because nearly any guest can find his or her favorite dessert at the buffet. Cookies and candies are always on the menu as well, to satisfy smaller children and younger guests who love sweets.

Whether young or old, the Golden Corral menu offers something for everyone, even the pickiest of eaters. Adults will find nearly anything they’ve been craving. There are plenty of choices to please children as well. That’s why the chain is suitable for groups and people of all ages. Whether you’re looking for a place to take mom for breakfast or somewhere that will satisfy the desires of the whole family, Golden Corral is the place to go. The buffet style with several choices in each category and plenty of food to satisfy makes the price of a meal a great value.

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