Finding A Costa Brava Villa

Renting a Costa Brava villa is one of the most affordable ways to stay in this popular stretch of Spanish coast. A villa provides outdoor space, privacy and the chance to save money by cooking meals, and is often more affordable than booking two or more hotel rooms. However, choosing the ideal location can take some research, although finding the right villa is easier than ever given all the online resources.

Of course, cost is a major factor. In general, expect to pay more for a Costa Brava villa in a prime location overlooking the beach. The cost of your rented villa also increases along with the size of property and number of bedrooms, and the amenities and extras included. Although most villas come with some outdoor space, don’t pay for extras you don’t need or wont use during your stay, such as a Jacuzzi, large terrace or pool, entertainment room.

If you’re traveling with children, staying somewhere with plenty do do is probably important. The Catalan government has issued a family tourism designation to several area resorts, including Platja d’Aro and Rosas. The classification takes into account several factors that may be important to families, including the range of amenities, and the area’s safety and security. Choose the location of your villa carefully if you have young children; you may not want noisy bars and clubs nearby or a busy road that has to be crossed to reach the beach. However, if you’re looking for a more rural location, keep in mind that you don’t want to travel too far to get to a shop, restaurant or bank.

Some resorts along the Costa Brava are livelier and more focused towards a younger crowd. Lloret de Mar is well known for its nightlife, as is the old town of Girona. Many smaller villages along the coast have live music in the bars and taverns, for those looking for something more relaxed, and the larger resorts and cities have a wide range of cultural offerings. And if you visit during the summer, fireworks displays in various resorts are popular.

Booking the perfect villa in the Costa Brava is easy when you use one of the many travel websites, allowing you to browse by location, price and amenities and look at photos too. Don’t forget to look at customer reviews; it’s often one of the most reliable ways to get an idea of what that villa is really like.

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