Factors To Consider When Choosing A Ball Float Valve

When looking for a ball float valve, it is wise to consider comparing all the options in the market before making your final choice. But with the number of choices available in the market, making a wise pick depends on how much you understand the whole plumbing and pipe fitting accessories. That is why we always find a way to break it down for you by giving you some ideas and tips on how to choose what makes the best ball float valve for your project. Today the guide will focus on more factors that should guide you when buying a plumbing valve for your fittings.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Ball Float Valve


The valve size determines its efficiency and keeps in mind that these valves are used to stop the flow anytime the level of the fluid reaches the required amount. A smaller valve means less efficiency when it comes to stopping an enormous amount of fluid in the connection. It is then wise as a plumber or a project manager to first assess your needs and pick a choice that works well with your fluid’s nature because a small twist in size can lead to serious damages or an overflow.


Price plays a significant role when it comes to plumbing or valve choices you make. Like any other market or fitting accessories prices as an attachment with quality, and that is why you will always find different ball valves costing different prices. Before making any choice on which valve to buy, make it a requirement that you will compare as many valves as possible and pick the one that fits into your budget. You can also draft your own budget and walk around different plumbing shops and choose a dealer with favorable terms.

The Nature of the Fluid

The last thing you should worry about is the nature or type of fluid you are transmitting in your channels. Different liquids have a different effect on materials subjected or anything that comes into contact with them or on their surface. If you are transporting a corrosive fluid, then an iron metal valve should not be on your list. Find a valve designed to withstand the fluid nature of the one that the action of the fluid does not affect the valve’s overall efficiency. As a plumber, it is wise first to assess all the possible scenarios when buying a specific type of valve.

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