Electrical Contractors: Should You Opt For A Licensed Or Certified Electrician

Are you looking for the best electrical contractors? Have you heard the age-old adage about ensuring the electrician is licensed and certified? Most people do not know the difference between the two. Well, let’s shed more light into the differences between the two.


Being certified means the electrician has completed training, has many years of experience, and can handle any electrical problem according to the safety codes without supervision. On the other hand, to be licensed means one has at least four years’ experience as an electrician.

Private vs. Public Authority

This is another significant difference. In general, electrical contractors get licensed by state or federal government. Conversely, certification doesn’t come from a public regulatory body but private entities. It could be an association of electricians or a non-profit organization with authority in specific careers.

Voluntary vs. Mandatory

While licenses are required, being certified is voluntary. For instance, an electrician can’t practice in some state without obtaining a permit. Certification is used to show potential clients or the public that the electrician has specific qualifications. Since being certified is voluntary, deciding whether to get one entails the importance of the qualification.

So Should You Hire a Certified or Licensed Electrician?

In this same case, both certification and being licensed has the same amount of autonomy. This is because both are experienced and understand regulations and safety codes for both residential and commercial electrical work. All electric installation and repair require safety codes that promote safety, functionality, and installation. Besides, should shoddy work cause fire, your insurance providers may not compensate you if they discover you did not hire a professional.

Moreover, these professionals guarantee their work. This means, if you continue experiencing the problems, they will come back, re-inspect and fix the issue at no additional cost.

Additionally, daily use of electrical appliances like AC, washing machines, and refrigerators require proper care and maintenance. A professional will offer all sort of inspection and maintenance. As a result, this prevents device damage since small faults are repaired at an early stage. It also reduces your electricity bills.


By and large, there is no big difference between licensed and certified electricians. Both are qualified to handle your electrical project. If you have an electrical project, instead of hiring any electrician you come across, go for licensed or certified commercial or residential electrical company. Remember that any electrical work is risky and it is something that you cannot take for granted. Always put your safety and that of your loved ones first by hiring a qualified commercial or residential electrical company.

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