DIY Gutter Cleaning Peterborough Mistakes To Avoid

Gutter cleaning Peterborough may not be the most enjoyable weekend project, but it’s an important one nevertheless. Procrastinating about cleaning your gutter might lead to debris buildup among other problems. However, there are some common gutter cleaning mistakes that you should avoid. Here are the most common ones.

Resting the ladder against the gutters

When cleaning their gutters, most people lean the ladders against the gutter. But the problem is that this does more damage than good to our gutter. You can lean your ladder against the wall or even consider using a ladder standoff.

Skipping Inspections

Just the fact that you annually clean your gutters doesn’t mean that you are covered. But one year is a long time and a lot can happen. Inspecting your roof periodically will alert you of any issues like loose gutter hangers, a clogged downspout or debris buildup.

Installing gutters with incorrect pitch

Getting the pitch wrong can lead to significant foundational damages, and this is why it’s always recommended working with a professional gutter replacement Peterborough company. A competent professional will help correct installation of the pitch and that it’s not too level as to mess up the water flow.

Forgetting a spotter

Apart from the fact that ladders can be dangerous when not used properly, they also give an inaccurate sense of security. When braced against the ground, you will not feel that you need a spotter. Always make sure that there is another person acting as a ground spotter and hold the base of the ladder using both hands.

Avoiding Small Gutter Repairs

A couple of patchy mould spots, slight gutter leaks occurring at the seams, a pealing of paint in the gutter, and a minor loose downspout, all these issues might seem small in nature but could turn into major inconveniences if left unchecked. They can aggravate the damage and cause you costly repairs in the end.

Hugging the edge of the roof

Don’t make the mistake of placing gutters directly on top of the roofline, but rather alongside it. Space is important for their proper performance. Placing them a few inches below the roof overhang will ensure that runoff water evenly flows into the gutter and then go to the downspouts while not spilling over.


It makes sense to want to clean your gutter instead of calling a gutter cleaning Peterborough professional, but there are some mistakes that you should be wary of. Things like resting the ladder against the ladder, not using a ground a spotter, and irregularly inspecting your gutter, are all things that can turn into a serious problem.

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