Deploying Security Guards For Screening Covid-19

Countless jobs have been put on hold because of the pandemic but there are also jobs that have seen tremendous increase in demand. For example, you can see job ads everywhere for security guards for screening COVID-19. These personnel are generally stationed at the entrance of buildings and other places. Their main job is to make sure that health protocols are being followed including the wearing of facemasks or face shields, as well as the use of hand sanitizers and other cleaning solutions. They usually get the temperature of individuals to spot possible symptoms. Their presence is indispensable at this time.

A Focus on Prevention

This coronavirus can spread quickly across populations. If a person gets sick, then it is likely that close contacts will also be affected. It’s like a fire that sweeps across a house in a snap. Once it starts, it is difficult to get it under control. That’s why businesses should focus on prevention rather than cure. If the security guards can screen those who are entering the premises, then they should be able to reduce the risk of infection. They can also remind people to put their masks on and wash their hands. They can ask pertinent health questions for transparency.

Maintaining Order

Screening can take time because of the accompanying procedures. This can create a bottleneck at the entrance that some people might not be happy about. A few could try to force their way inside because they are in a hurry. Others might disregard the protocols and hurl abuse at the screening personnel. If there is a long line of people, then you might have cases of persons jumping ahead of the cue and getting into verbal arguments with those in proximity. Many will forget the need for social distancing and get too close to each other. Security guards for screening COVID-19 can maintain order to reduce stress and frustration.

Physical Restraint

There are instances where people get aggressive in their attempts to enter places that deny them entry for one reason or another. They might resort to property damage and physical violence to get their point across. Guards have to be there to restrain them to limit the damage and make other people feel safe. Trained security guards should be able to de-escalate the situation by engaging in a calm conversation with the aggressor. The response should always be equal to the threat. The best security agencies equip their personnel with all of the knowledge and tools that they need to handle every type of situation they may encounter.

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