Complete Guide To Pole Dancing Shoes

Pole dancing is best when done with the right outfit, and shoes happen to be a compulsory accompaniment. Pole dancing shoes not only help improve your performance but also have something sexy about them. The best shoes for pole dancing have linings that help protect your legs, especially at the ankles. Today, we guide you on how to select shoes for pole dancing.

Heels or Boots?

Perhaps, you have decided to explore the artistry side of pole dancing and are wondering which shoes are best for you. Well, that’s truly a hard one for us too since we love both. Starters are better off with boots since the cover provides more strength to the angles. However, heels provide extra exposure of the toes and ankles, adding taste to your moves.

Boots for pole dancing usually come in four types; flat boots, ankle boots, knee-high boots, and thigh-high boots. Almost all boots feature a lace running the length at the front through which to adjust the tightness. A zipper fitted on the side or back helps slip in and out of the shoes with ease.

Choosing the Material

Choosing the material for your dancing shoes goes beyond looks. Whether for heels or boots, polyurethane (PU) leather shoes allow a smooth flow around the poles. Also known as Pleather, this material is more like leather but stretches a bit.

A close resemblance to the pleather is the patent, a shiny material that is almost reflective. The patent is fully flexible, making it expand with use. Patent shoes provide an excellent grip on the poles which is helpful when performing tricks.

Shoe Size

It is always good to stick to your size when shopping for shoes for your pole dances. Different opinions exist with some recommending a size lower or a size higher. However, those who go for a size lower report needing to expand the shoes with a mildly warm hairdryer. The problem with this is that the toe opening enlarges and the toe sticks out. On the other hand, shoes a size higher are often uncomfortable to wear.

A common temptation for starters is to go for the shortest heels available. While flat shoes and short-heels have their place in pole dancing, high-heels have the perfect expose when matched with the right outfit. Seven-inch heels are a good starting point. Work your way up to 10-inches as you improve your balance on the shoes.

Which Shoes Are Best

Pole dancing shoes are a great accompaniment especially if matched with the right attire. As we have seen, the choice depends on the level of experience and the performances at hand. Choose wisely to enjoy your hobby.

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