Common Types Of Shower Screen Glass Options In Sydney

The type of shower screen glass that you chose to install can have a significant impact on the overall look of your bathroom. For inspiration, here are the top 5 common shower screen glasses that you should consider when designing your bathroom in Sydney.

1. Toughened Safety Glass

This type of shower screen glass can enhance your safety in the bathroom due to its specialized design. It is designed such that if it breaks, it shatters into tiny pieces, and thus protects you from cuts that are often caused by large fragments of sharp glass. It is often used in frameless and semi-frameless showers.

2. Laminated Safety Glass

This is one of the most popular shower screen options for fully framed showers. It cannot be used in frameless designs though. Like toughened safety glass, it is designed to prevent breaking into large and sharp pieces when it shatters. It draws it strength from a PVC film sandwiched in the center of its pane.

3. Wired Safety Glass

Wired safety glass is common in modern shower screen designs. It is manufactured by sandwiching a wire mesh between two layers of glass, which is then fused together. This is done to prevent injury in case it is broken as the wire will hold the shards together. The wire is visible through the glass, which may make it less desirable to people who love minimalist designs.

4. Tinted or frosted glass

Once you have chosen laminated or toughened shower screen options, you may consider applying a tint or frost. A tint not only helps you establish a modern and minimalist look but it also offers more privacy.

5. Textured glass

As the name suggest, textured glass shower screens feature surfaces that you can feel when you run your fingers on them. Specific designs or patterns are impressed on the surfaces of the glass as decorative elements, and the level of obscurity is varied based on the user’s preferences. The texture of the glass can also be enhanced when water is running down, and the illuminating it with light can create all sorts of interesting visual effects.

Textured shower screen glass come in an extensive range of designs and finishes. They can replicate a number of finishes, including brick, wood, or tiles as well as feels such as misty rainforest and indulgent spa. These types of shower screens also obscure watermarks, fingerprints and provide great privacy.


When you opt for shower screen glass in Sydney, you choose quality, ambience, and sophistication. Besides their aesthetical features, they are easy to clean and suited for any size of shower or bathroom.

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