Commercial Lighting Design Considerations

Lighting is a vital part of any structure. It affects appearance, cost, productivity, and safety in different ways. That is why commercial lighting design should be taken seriously. It is a job that needs to go to an expert who has proven competence in the industry. The best designers are able to balance the following elements:

Energy Consumption

Next to the heating and cooling system, the lighting is usually the biggest consumer of electricity in any building. The amount of money needed to light up the space is substantial and can put a dent on company resources. Many have been shifting to LED lights as these are known to use up just a fraction of the energy required by older generation bulbs while providing the same level of illumination. They are effective alternatives that do not have any real draw backs. They even generate less heat which means that the air conditioners do not need to work as hard to cool the place.

Lighting for Safety

The lights are not just located inside the building but also outside it. These are primarily for the safety of the people who will find it hard to walk around in the dark. Each unit much be strategically placed in order to provide enough illumination where it matters. For example, they should be near entrances and paths. There should also be ample lighting around the parking areas so that cars will not accidentally bump into each other. The edge of the premises should also be lit to make it easier for the guards to patrol the borders.

Curb Appeal

Since these are commercial spaces, it is absolutely necessary for the lights to enhance curb appeal. The public will see the place, after all, and it should make a good impression in order for them to come back. The spaces need to be attractive as how they look will influence the image of the stores, restaurants, offices, and other establishments in the area. Every business wants to project competence and influence. Lighting can help in achieving these goals. This will also increase property value as potential buyers will certainly consider the look of the place.

Commercial lighting design is an incredibly important part of any property development. Be sure to get a highly skilled and creative professional to get the job done. Check out previous projects and see if their results are applicable to the current project.

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