Best Place To See Wild Dolphins? Find A Good Sunset Dolphin Cruise

Dolphins are cute. Their frisky, friendly nature make then a huge pleasure to watch and they love to interact with humans. However, you should know that dolphins are migratory, and they prefer temperate to tropical water. There are specific times of the day that they like to play around or wallow in water and a sunset dolphin cruise would be the best time to seem. If you find a sunset dolphin cruise, you can easily see dolphin pods and even play with them. Here are a few places where you can see wild dolphins in their natural environments.

• Azores, Portugal – This place forms the world’s largest marine sanctuaries for marine life. On a good day, you can easily see more than 20 different species of dolphin, whales, and a range of marine life. The sanctuary hosts cruises all through the year and are hosted by extremely professional staff.
• Taranto, Italy — The Jonian Dolphin Conservation hosts more than 30 different species of dolphin and whales. The Conservation offers hosted tours for the public to support their conservation work.
• Florida — The coast off- Florida is probably one of the best places to see a thousand different varieties of dolphins and whales. The area is known for megapods in which thousands of dolphins race over long distances over their annual migratory journey. On a good day, orcas have also been sighted in these beautiful waters.
• Moreton Bay, Australia — Any area in Australia is a good place to see dolphins. The clear azure waters are packed with active marine life and dolphins flock the beaches off Byron Bay, Hervey Bay and the Ningaloo Coast. Moreton Bay, in particular, is famous for its marine park where bottlenose and humpback dolphins are visible all year through.
• Hawaii Island — The waters off-Hawaii are home to more than 18 different species of dolphins and whales. Most of these species come close to the shore and feed around the rocks off the shoreline. In some areas, unique spinner dolphins are visible through the year. Apart from dolphins, whales are a common sighting off the coasts as well.

Catching a glimpse of wild dolphins can be an exciting experience. Make sure to stay about 30 meters away the pod and treat the animals with respect. The best experience is possible only with an experienced cruise and if you book well in advance, you are guaranteed a wonderful experience.

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