Best Dentist In Eastwood

Finding the best dentist in Eastwood can be a challenge. With so many dentists practicing in Eastwood, with their own specializations, working hours and differences in experience, narrowing down your search takes more than just trial and error. You need to have a dedicated effort and spare some time to identify the right dentist for you. A few tips can come in handy.

Getting a Referral

If you’ve just moved to Eastwood, it helps to ask your current dentist if he or she can recommend someone. You can also check with your neighborhood pharmacist or family doctor for referrals. In the current technological age, it pays to make use of your social networks. Put the word out to friends, workmates and relatives to let them know that you’re looking for a dentist. Moreover, you can search the Internet and check out the directories and medical journals.


A certain new dentist may seem ideal, but it’s important to check out several logistics. Find out if there’s parking or public transport nearby. Ask about office hours. For instance, if your dentist of choice won’t book any appointments in the evening or weekends and you’re tied to your desk on weekdays, it may not work. It’s also important to know how emergencies will be handled. Some or all of these questions can be answered even before your first visit to the dentist’s office.

Customer Care

Call the front desk and get a general idea of the level of customer service. While you’re at it, ask about any other critical details. This is also your chance to evaluate whether the office treats potential patients with respect and dignity, which is a huge reflection on the overall quality of service to expect. You want staff that is courteous and friendly.

Schedule an Appointment

Before making your final selection, you may have to schedule an appointment. Go and see the place in person. Evaluate how long and how easy or difficult it was to get there. Check that the waiting room and offices are well organized, clean and neat. You’re probably going to be seeing the same dentist for a long term period, so it pays to get a sense of the overall atmosphere to make sure that you feel comfortable in that environment. Getting the best dentist-patient fit may take some doing, but the long term payoff for your dental and overall health will be worth it.

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