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Laptop computing recently saw a sharp increase in overall performance along with a simultaneous decrease in price, weight and size. Older model laptops are now routinely outclassed by newer, smaller and more portable units. The first of the new generation were notebooks. Essentially, they were and remain portable PCs.

Due to consumer demand for ever smaller and lighter machines, the second half of 2008 saw laptops outselling desktops for the first. Now, recent advances in technology have enabled the rapid rise of a new type of portable computer, generically referred to as netbooks.

These smaller machines, or mini laptops, do not have CD/D\/D drives, rather they use internal disks and SD memory as much power as top-of-the-line laptops from just a few years ago. Most of them come with Wi-Fi as a standard and many also have built-in 3G modems. Most netbooks are not bought as primary, but rather as secondary computers and used by business professionals to check in at work and do some lightweight computing at meetings while commuting.

Apple devices are also ideal for students taking lecture notes, carrying around the campus, for information storage, social networking, blogging and email, as well as doing research assignments online. Recent advances in technology have enabled the rapid rise of a new type of portable computer, generically referred to as netbooks cards, making them lighter, quieter and less prone to damage.

A minis keyboard is roughly 80% to 90% of a standard-sized one, but still large enough for speedy touch-typing. The three-cell batteries of low-end models last about three hours, while the six cells of higher-end models will last for seven hours or more. Minis still have a comparatively longer battery life than notebooks, and are therefore less dependent on a battery charger.

These dimunitive machines have become extremely popular, offering a platform that is more flexible than a smartphone and have fewer overheads than a traditional laptop. An added attraction is that, while they deliver value and portability, they still have.

The portability they offer is ideal for travelling, lending the advantage of being contactable, accessing your email, networking, finding and storing information and pictures, and accessing maps as they are lightweight and small to pack. The devices are similar in scope, operation and shape of modern smartphones. The term is not trademarked and is used inconsistently.


Concepts for this type of device existed a long time ago, one of the first devices of this kind was in 1993, the Apple Newton MessagePad, but could not achieve a large market significance. Designated as the personal digital assistant, the devices were limited at the beginning of the development due to the technical possibilities and the lack of broadband mobile Internet access. On the other hand, Apple Repairs in Sydney is aimed at helping users stay connected.

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