Anker Soundbuds Life Review: Quality Earbuds Without Compromises

Anker manufactures and sells dozens of consumer products. This includes battery packs, charging cables, speakers, and more. Also, Anker is known for selling various models of headphones and earbuds. The Soundbuds Life earbuds are designed for both work and play. Are these headphones worth wearing and using on a daily basis? Consider the following information from this Anker Soundbuds Life Review. New earbuds could be in readers’ future.

Basic Overview Of The Soundbuds Life

The Soundbuds Life earbuds extend from a neckband. Of course, neckband earbuds secure easily to the wearer without being an obstruction. IPX5 water resistance is standard hear, meaning the earbuds should survive basic water situations. Anker claims the earbuds manage 20 hours of playback time and offer excellent sound quality. Plus, noise-canceling comes standard here, and a built-in microphone is available. Silver is the only available color on these earbuds.

A Review Of The Earbuds’ Build Quality

Fortunately, Anker has built another quality product in the Soundbuds Life. The earbuds feature a sturdy but plastic neckband. Individual earbuds are built well and don’t have any noticeable flaws. Perhaps the only issue in build quality is relatively thin wires connecting the earbuds to the neckband. Then again, everything else is solid, and IPX5 water resistance sweetens the deal for buyers. There’s very little to criticize about the overall build here.

Audio and Call Quality Review

People buy earbuds in order to listen to music and sometimes make calls. Luckily, Life earbuds succeed on both fronts without issue. Music sounds excellent on these earbuds, and a decent amount of bass is available. High fidelity music plays well on these earbuds. On-call quality, users won’t be disappointed by the built-in mic or crisp audio. Noise-canceling makes everything better while listening to music or taking a phone call.

Battery Life

As previously mentioned, Anker claims the Life earbuds last for 20 hours. Testing has proven that numbers quite accurate. Lower volume listening can lead to 24-hour battery life in some cases. Therefore, nobody should feel a reason to complain about the results here.

Anker Soundbuds Life Review: The Final Verdict, in the end, Soundbuds Life make sense for a lot of potential users. Not everyone likes neckband style earbuds, so those individuals should look elsewhere. Anker has created another potential hit pair of headphones/earbuds, to say the least. With these earbuds, there’s little to harp on and tons of features to like.

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