All You Need To Know About Hunter Harris

Hunter Harris has been the most searched celebrity name in the past few days. Many people have been trying to find her lifestyle and biography info. She is a writer for Vulture and has not been in the limelight for long. Luckily we have been able to catch up with one of her recent interviews, and these are the details about Hunter Harris.

General Overview About Harris

Through the interview, very many exciting things about Harris were captured. For instance, she confesses that she is only good at three things; Oily skin, being funny, and writing. She was born and grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As a young girl, she always wished to live in New York and become a writer. Her writing wishes went all along till she got into high school and interned at a local magazine. It is here that she first wrote for the teen section, and it was more fun for her since she discovered she could write. Another thing that shaped her into the career was her mum, who was a news anchor.

Education and Career

After her high school life, Hunter Harrison joined Emerson College, where she studied journalism. During her studies, she completed her internship at Oprah Magazine, which helped shape her career. Immediately after her graduation, she started working at Refinery29 as an editorial assistant for the entertainment team. Here she worked on a couple of projects, including writing about movies. However, she feels her career started when she was asked to write something about Lemonade. She chose to write about Beyoncé. The impressive article made her meet Neil, the editorial director of Vulture, and that is how she got hired at Vulture.

Body, Fragrance, and Makeup

Unlike other celebrities, an exciting thing about Harris, she never likes makeup. She as well never wears fragrance since, as a kid, they used to get her into trouble with her mom. All that she loves doing is primp and polish her nails and take care of her hair. She also loves staying fit, and this is why she attends stretch classes.


While others like fun things like partying, all that Harris loves and likes is writing. During her free time, the internet is her friend. She login but only to crack a few jokes and talk about movies she likes. She claims the internet is inherently performative, and that is where most of her friends are. Due to her love for writing, she can find herself tweeting things that become story ideas in the future. This means social media sets the first draft for her stories.

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