Advantages Of Buying Tupperware Online

Knives are made of stainless steel monobloc, so there is no risk of accumulating dangerous residues of food and dirt around the handles that are fused together with the blades. The set includes six knives of various sizes, with a length of blades starting from 10 cm up to 20 cm.

Characterized by a pleasant and well-finished aesthetic, thanks to the oak wood block which is a contrast to the steel of the knives. This set is also an excellent piece of furniture as well as a useful work tool as in Buy Tupperware Online. Knives can be washed comfortably in the dishwasher.

Home use: Many users report that although the knives are robust, they should not fall into the professional category. It is, therefore, an elegant and extremely functional set, excellent both to keep at home and to give to relatives or friends keen on cooking.

It is a set made with high quality materials. The steel of the blades is hardened and high in carbon; the blades are very precise, they remain sharp for a long time and do not deteriorate over time. The handles have a metal body that is one with the blades, which ensures strength and excellent balance.

In addition to the six knives, the set also includes a beautiful ecological wood block that incorporates an original and ingenious knife sharpener to be used comfortably when you want.

Elegant and functional

Overall, it is an elegant and very functional set of Buy Tupperware Online that fits well in every kitchen and is also an excellent gift idea. The built-in sharpener can not be used for the bread knife.

The comparison with the features offered by the more expensive models loses some points since it is not advisable to wash these items in the dishwasher, but taking care of the maintenance of the blades with a hand cleaning, the knives promise to last long and serve well in different circumstances.

Made in a single casting, where the handle and the blades are only one block, they guarantee hygiene and reliability: there is no risk of the blade detaching from its support or infiltrating impurities. A set designed for home use and during the holidays, thanks to the handy carrying case included in the package.

Nine these knives are of different sizes to be able to satisfy different uses. The accessory is also included in the package to sharpen, recommended operation from time to time to maintain good performance over time. They are made of stainless steel and are monobloc, this means that the handle has been fused with the blade, to maximize hygiene, durability and maneuverability.

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