Add Value To Your Home With A Professional Landscape Design

Professional landscape designers are in the business of creating beautiful environments. One way to enhance not only the curb appeal of your home but its resale value as well is through beautiful landscaping. If your budget allows you, consider hiring the services of one of the excellent firms specializing in landscape design St Louis has to offer.

Perhaps you have a “blah” backyard. The shrubbery in front of your home may be old or overgrown. Maybe you have considered adding a patio or backyard fire pit. Your sidewalks and/or driveway may need some repair, or even replacement. A professional landscape designer is able to help you with new plans for any or all these areas as well as many others.

Services of Professional Landscape Designers

Landscape designers St Louis homeowners may hire can do something as simple as design a specific color-scaped flower bed and as complex as designing a swimming pool and backyard waterscapes. Other services include:

• landscape planting designs
• hardscapes
• retaining walls
• terraces
• patios
• walkways and driveways
• new yard plantings and renovations
• arbors and pergolas
• flower beds and garden areas
• drainage and erosion control
• landscape or outdoor lighting
• sprinkler systems
• fencing
• swimming pools
• fountains and other water features
• outdoor kitchens

Poynter_GalleryFinishing_1_cLandscape designers meet with you, the homeowner, to listen to your needs and desires. They may even have you fill out a questionnaire more fully understand your vision for the project you wish them to do for you. Next, the designer assigned to your project visits your home and yard to measure and take photographs. The firm works to fulfill your desires while considering and being sensitive to the architectural style of your home and the overall look of your neighborhood.

Next the firm will provide you with a plan and an estimate of its cost to create. When all parties have agreed on the work to be done and how it will look, you are asked to sign a contract. The firm obtains all necessary permits, notifies utility companies to mark their lines on your property and provides you with a work schedule. Be sure you select a design service that guarantees their work and uses excellent materials and equipment. Get references and follow up with them before you sign anything.

Some of the ways you can be sure you are speaking to a reputable design firm are simple. Ask questions, such as “Are you licensed and insured?” and “Tell me the professional organizations to which you belong?” Professional, capable landscape designers may belong to any or all of the following: American Society of Landscape Architects; American Nursery and Landscape Society; Missouri Landscape and Nursery Association (MINA); Planet Professional Landcare Network; and the Missouri Horticultural Society.

Your landscape designer will work to create a landscape for you and your home that suits your busy lifestyle when it comes to maintenance and care of the finished product. Some landscape design firms have their own professional maintenance firm whose services you may engage if you don’t have the time for the landscape and yard maintenance needed to keep everything beautiful (or a handy teenager in the home).

Perking up your outdoor environment offers a new look to an older home while it also adds “livability” to a new one. A fresh landscape or new yardscape feature(s) not only adds value to your home, it also enhances your lifestyle and enjoyment of that home. Browse the websites of St. Louis’s landscape designers and see what they have to offer. The possibilities are endless and exciting.

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