A Career Bartending In Raleigh

If you love working with people, are outgoing and don’t mind working often unsociable hours, a career bartending in Raleigh may be ideal for you. You will need to know how to spot the signs of intoxication and how to refuse service if necessary, and you’ll need to be able to operate a cash register. And of course, you’ll have to be able to mix a cocktail, including some of the more obscure mixed drinks. The average salary for a bartender is around $24,000 and while for many people, it’s a temporary job to make money, for many others it can be a rewarding and enjoyable career, especially working in a top hotel or restaurant.

Requirements for working as a bartender vary from state to state, and in North Carolina, it isn’t a requirement to be licensed to serve or sell alcohol, either as a bartender or a server. However, certification may be required from the restaurant, pub or hotel that employs you, and having the certification may also give you an advantage over someone who isn’t certified, when it comes to applying for bartending jobs.

There are some other requirements too, if you want a job bartending in Raleigh, the state capital. If your job involves serving liquor, you’ll need to be at least 21 years of age, and aged 18 or over if you will just be serving wine and beer. You cannot have been convicted of a felony in the last three years, and you cannot have had a permit for serving or selling alcoholic drinks revoked in the last three years. Your employer may require you to be clean shaven, have no piercings or tattoos or dress a certain way, depending on the nature of the establishment.

Attending bartending school can be the ideal way to start when looking for a job in this field. It’s easy to find NC bartending schools by browsing online, although an employer may have a preferred school that they use. All bartending schools are going to teach you much the same thing, including how to mix and serve a variety of drinks. You’ll also learn the other perhaps less glamorous aspects of the job, such as dealing with intoxicated or difficult customers, and setting up and cleaning a bar. The cost of bartending school varies by the length of the course; expect to pay several hundred dollars, although it will cost you less to take an online class.

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