A Buying Guide For Fabric Grow Pots

Some people think that all planters are the same. However, a real gardener might have a different opinion. Such a person knows the difference between planters. Although plastic pots are common, they might not be as safe as people assume for the environment. This problem has brought about fabric growers. These are planters or pots created from different fabrics, proving to be eco-friendly. If you are thinking of purchasing fabric grow pots, here are a few but crucial factors you must consider.


Some of the pots are treated chemically, while others do not require the treatment. Even though treated planters are safe from various environmental elements, they may affect the quality of your soil. Therefore, it can be a good idea to keep away from fabric pots that are chemically treated. This is because there are tiny elements of the chemicals that might find their way to the soil. This will affect its quality and, in turn, affect your yields.


The pots are created from various materials. Some are biodegradable, while others can be recycled. Recyclable materials include cotton and textile. The biodegradable growers cannot be reused since they decompose with time. Therefore, when buying the pots, know if you want those you can reuse or are comfortable with biodegradable ones.


The quality of the fabric pots differs too. This depends on the material used to make them and the additional features that come with the pots. If you want a fabric pot with handles and zippers, you have a myriad of options. You can also choose the simple planters if you want them just for the plants. It is advisable you work with the simple bags since the additional features could be affected by certain elements. However, if you plan to be shifting the plants from one place to another, choose the pots with handles. The vital thing is picking pots of high-quality.


These are some essential aspects that you ought to ponder on if you want to purchase the right fabric grow pots. Ensure you are keen on the material used to create the pots. Check also if they are treated or not to know what to do with them once you buy. Another important thing that you cannot afford to forget is the quality of the planters. Look for those with the features you need. Ensure you pick quality items that will serve you long.

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