A Brief Intro To Costume Jewellery

Costume jewellery is basically jewellery made using precious stone imitations and inexpensive metals. The jewellery is usually flashy, although there are subdued costume jewels that have been made to replicate jewellery that’s a bit more upscale. This jewellery type is quite popular among set and fashion designers, and people who’d like to make their accessorizing a bit more fun. The jewellery could be found in retail stores that specialize in accessories, and even vintage stores.

Used as props in the early days, costume jewellery first came to light on stage drama sets. Stage jewellery was usually made to look larger so that the audience could view it with no trouble from a distance. Also, making the set look livelier and richer without spending too much became possible with these jewellery items. Some stage actors got attached to the jewellery so much that they started putting them on off stage too. For people short on budget, costume jewellery is a solid option to look dressy without spending much.

Contrary to general perception, costume jewellery isn’t always pocket-friendly. Faux Victorian jewellery and vintage jewellery could be fairly expensive, even if the materials used to make them aren’t top-quality. Faux jewellery is fun and can help make a solid fashion statement. It has some solid runway history behind it, thanks to major designers popularizing it. Some designers focus more on costume jewels that are worn by the famous and the rich for multiple reasons: security, fun, and fashion. Many people who own expensive or famous pieces of jewellery would have their replicas made for casual outings, so that the risk attached to losing the irreplaceable jewellery piece is completely negated.

This kind of jewellery typically begins its journey to conception with base metals – tin is a commonly used base metal. The metal undergoes treatment so that it looks more expensive, something like gold, platinum, or silver. Generally, fake stones made of paste or glass are used. However, real gemstones could also be incorporated by some costume jewellery makers. These stones are basically not as expensive as traditional gemstones. The stones used are typically big and have flashy cuts to them, so they could reflect light at the correct angles and look more blingy.

Costume jewels come in multiple styles. For example, there are imitation pearl necklaces to Victorian inspired brooches. Rings, earrings, bracelets, and many other kinds of jewellery come in both regular and costume jewellery form. Enterprising craftspeople can also make such jewellery at home. If you have kids at home, such DIY projects would be both fun and educational.

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