3 Things You Should Know About Honey Rose Lipsense

Social media sites are full of selfies women have taken while wearing their favorite lip color, Honey Rose by Lipsense. The Honey Rose Lipsense is fast becoming a woman’s favorite makeup. And there are many reasons why satisfied customers cannot stop raving about it.

The lip color is gorgeous, and the sheer hue of the rose gold suits all complexions and skin tones. It is long lasting, and is said to last for up to 18 hours. The color does not smudge or rub off. So you can say good bye to stained wine glasses, and not worry about your lip color being kissed off.

The Color that Stays On

Lipsense is a brand that is known to offer products that live up to the promise they make. And the Honey Rose Lipsense is an excellent example. The product offers value for the money spent. Once it is applied you do not have to worry about it. This also means that it does not need to be reapplied, and hence a tube of Honey Rose lasts much longer than other lip colors.

The Honey Rose Set

You can buy the lip color individually or you could opt to buy a set. If you choose the latter option, the lip color will come with a gloss and a tube of ‘Oops!’ that helps you deal with any mistakes you made while applying the Lipsense color. The products are not tested on animals, are vegan and gluten free. Many women who use the product say that it takes a little time to get used to it.

Applying the Lipsense

Since the product is designed for a long lasting wear it needs to be applied with care. It should be used on clean, dry lips. The tube should be gently shaken before you are ready to apply the Honey Rose. Ideally Lipsense should be applied in a single direction. It is a good idea to begin from the outside of the mouth and then smoothly make your way to the opposite end.
It is best to avoid moving the applicator to and fro, as some women like to do with a lipstick. After the first application you should wait for ten seconds before you apply the color again. Makeup experts recommend three applications of the product for long lasting effect. If the color has spread out the ‘Oops!’ can be used to remove it. Apply the Lipsense gloss and rub the lips together for that dewy effect. While the color does not need to be refreshed, you may like to reapply the gloss later in the day, as and when required.

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