3 Excellent Reasons You Should Wear Bamboo Socks

Most people do not give their choice of socks as much thought as they give to their selection of footwear. However, the socks you wear, sometimes for numerous hours every day, greatly affect the health of your feet. Bamboo is an incredible natural fiber. It has several excellent qualities that make it a perfect choice for socks. Here are some good reasons to choose bamboo socks.

Comfort First

Whether you wear socks for close to ten or twelve hours a day, or only when you go for a walk or exercise, it is important that you opt for comfortable ones. Socks made with bamboo fiber are soft to touch and cushion the soles of your feet. And this is why even if you have been standing and moving about for hours, your feet will not feel tired or cramped.

A Fabric that Breathes

Feet get sweaty and uncomfortable after hours of being enclosed in shoes. Socks made from a fabric that breathes well offers them comfort. Bamboo has thermo regulating characteristics. This essentially means that when the weather is warm, the socks keep your feet cool. Likewise, in cold weather the socks keep your feet warm and cozy. The bamboo fiber also keeps the skin dry as it efficiently wicks away sweat.

No Odor

There are several challenges that come from wearing socks for many hours in a day. The biggest of these is also often the smelliest. When you take off your shoes and socks, the foul odor is difficult to deal with. You may have tried foot powders, deodorants and other products, but the odor may seem impossible to deal with.

Bamboo has anti-bacterial properties. Foot odor is caused by bacterial growth. And by dealing with the source of the odor, the bacteria, you can eliminate it completely. Experts say that bamboo socks can get rid of 70% of odor causing bacteria. So when you change to wearing socks made with bamboo fiber, you can say goodbye to sweaty feet and foot odor.

Happy Feet

Bamboo is a remarkable natural fiber. It is hypo allergenic, anti bacterial and breathes well. This makes it the perfect choice for socks. If you are shopping for bamboo socks you will be glad to find several online stores that offer them.

Most manufacturers and retailers sell a wide range of bamboo socks, including those in solid colors and those that feature a design. You can choose pairs based on your preferences and requirements. Some categories for you to consider include classics, trainers and walking socks. Some online stores also offer bamboo sock subscription that would help bring the cost of your shopping.

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