Why You Should Visit Prague Illusion Shows

If you have never witnessed Prague illusion shows, you are missing a great experience. This is because these shows are truly special. Below are some of the things that make these illusion shows impressive and enjoyable.


As you enter the venue of these shows, it will occur to you that something spectacular is happening here. This is because the atmosphere is simply electric. The seating arrangement is superb. The lighting in the room gives the place a character of its own. The stage is elevated and there is a bit of distance between the audience and the stage. For all that, you can definitely see what is happening on stage because the lights in the stage area make this possible. We now move on to the activities you are likely to see during the illusion show.

Mind Reading

This is one of the highlights of the illusion show. The performer selects a group of people at random. These people join the performer on the stage. He asks them some questions then he tells them to start thinking. After sixty seconds, the performer tells each of the people what they were thinking about within the past one minute. This is truly impressive because the performer was one hundred percent correct.

The Guessing Game

On this one, it was clearly a case of “win some and lose some”. The performer called out a few people and told them to line up in front of the stage. After verifying that they all lived in Prague, the performer proceeded to guess the addresses and phone numbers of each person. In this case, the performer got some right but missed a few.

Touch an Object

This activity was lots of fun because most people participated in it. The performer lined objects like bags, books, mobile phones and pens close to the stage. People from the audience were told to touch an object without making a noise. Meanwhile, the performer was backing the people touching the objects. After people had touched an object, the performer told them the objects they touched and he (the performer) scored an eighty-five percent success rate.

Touch the Picture

This activity had many people in the audience shaking their heads in awe. The performer had just two pictures of a man and a woman. He called out six men and six women from the audience. Each time he touched the forehead of the woman in the picture, the six women felt a touch on their own foreheads. The same thing happened to the men each time he touched the forehead of the man in the picture. The performer ended the Prague illusion show with levitation and the audience gave him a standing ovation.

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