Why Womens Krav Maga Classes Have Skyrocketed

As news stories of domestic and sexual abuse increase,more courses for womens krav maga are requested. Taught in various institutions, it’s become one of the most successful self-defense programs.

What Is Krav Maga?

It’s a combat system that was developed in Israel in the 1940s. It is designed, prepared and polished to defend yourself from real day-to-day aggressions, and things that can happen to you on the street. It’s not a martial art, but a combat system that is not governed by the standards of martial arts, yet designed to be practical.

Developed and perfected over years of conflict, the Krav Magá emphasizes the ease in learning techniques that have been proven numerous times in real confrontations.

Krav Maga is divided into two main parts: self defense, and hand-to-hand combat.

Instructors say it is not necessary to have previously practiced any defense technique, everyone can learn it . In fact, the experts say Krav Maga was designed for everyone because anyone is susceptible to violence, and women should know how to defend themselves.

It does not require a high level of physical condition, starting out, and it makes you stronger. Instructors point out that the important factor is knowing how to defend yourself whether or not you are physically prepared. Experts point out that when faced with cases of gender violence or sexual assault, Krav Maga is especially useful and enrollment in classes have doubled.

Students apply the fundamental principles and techniques of Krav Maga in multiple situations and in adverse circumstances, such as in the dark, sitting in a disadvantaged situation, lying down, with limited freedom of movement, or influenced by stress or extreme fatigue.

It includes elements related to the current conception of combat: Tactics, powerful combinations of different attacks, psychological aspects of combat, and learning to use the elements that surround the Krav Maga practitioner in a specific place to seek his advantage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Protective Equipment Necessary To Begin. No, to begin, you only require comfortable clothing, and over time, as you become more advanced, protective equipment should be purchased for more advanced punches and blows.

How Long Do I Need to Practice For Good Defense. Each person is different, and your progress depends on the lessons learned and applied. Most programs start with six or eight weeks, and then you continue to advance.

Can I Learn Krav Maga By Myself. You should always learn from an instructor to ensure you know the basics to the advanced moves, and you perform them correctly. Aggressive situations require a forceful defense, or the consequence of someone getting hurt. For this reason, you should rely on an experienced trainer.

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