Why Contact A Solar Company San Jose?

San Jose is an expensive city. The costs of real estate, living expenses and electricity bills are high. You have to find all possible ways to reduce these expenses as much as possible. One way you can reduce your electricity bills is by using a solar power system. Its initial cost of this setup is high but it proves cheaper in the long run. Over the years, you will save a lot of money in reduced electricity bills. Contact a solar company San Jose to learn more.

Energy Independence

Take advantage of this affordable and clean energy. First determine your energy requirements based on the number of electrical lights, appliances and other devices that you will run on the solar power. An expert from the solar company will help you calculate this data. It helps determine what type of solar power system is right for your power needs. You can handle a part or all of your power needs using only solar power. Once you have installed the solar setup, you will no longer incur expenses on electricity bills as high as you are paying right now. Become energy independent now.

Perfect City for Solar Power

San Jose is a solar friendly city. It is home to many companies that are at the forefront of latest technologies. Residents and businesses can take advantage of various rebates and incentives offered by the government for installing solar power system. Homeowners are eligible to receive credits under the net metering system. Under this program, you can sell your excess solar energy to the grid. You will receive credits on your power bills. Participate in the 100% clean energy program. It will take effect in 2020 but if you enroll early, you will be able to sell your excess power even at night when your solar system does not produce power. Until that time, you will benefit from the net metering plan. Another program offers incentives to homeowners on the purchase of a solar battery. You can get credit up to 30% from the federal government under the incentive tax credit program for solar installation.

Customized Solar Panel Installation

The solar company San Jose representative will help you select the right solar system components. The solar panels will be installed as per the standards of the manufacturer and local council. The company partners with some of the top solar component manufacturers so it is able to offer discounts on large solar panel orders. You will get discounts even on batteries and inverters. All components will be installed as per your requirements and guidelines.

The solar company will offer you one stop solution for everything you need to install this efficient and affordable solar power setup at your home or business place.

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