Why Attend A TEFL Course Vietnam?

Vietnam is the right place to obtain TEFL certification. The low cost living and lots of job opportunities make this country the right place to live and work. The Vietnamese government has taken several steps to increase the skills of local population. It understands the importance of local students learning English. The goal is to make most Vietnamese students fluent and proficient in English by 2020. No wonder the demand for trained and qualified English teachers has increased in Vietnam. It is now easier than ever to study TEFL course Vietnam and improve your career prospects. Attending this course and obtaining its certificate will allow you to work as English teacher not only in Vietnam but also in many other countries.

Year Round Job Openings

The English teaching positions are advertised throughout the year across Vietnam. You do not have to wait for any hiring season to start. Take a look at the top TEFL courses you can join in Vietnam. When learning and living in Vietnam, you will not only have a fulfilling career but also get to visit many famous tourist places. Obtain the accredited TEFL certification in Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi and become qualified for professional English teaching jobs not only in Vietnam but across more than 80 countries worldwide.

Full Support from Teachers and Staff

TEFL classes are held full time and last 4 weeks. The 150 hours TEFL course class will make you confident of handling a classroom full of students eager to learn English. The course covers 20 personally observed and assessed teaching sessions. During your training, you will receive instruction from university level professors. There are other experienced support staff to help the students. You will receive help in finding your English teaching job in Vietnam. The class size is small and has maximum 15-20 students. The small class size makes it easy to grasp everything that instructors teach.

Benefits of Joining a TEFL Course in Vietnam

There is a strong demand for English teachers in Asia. Local students are eager to learn English from teachers who are trained and have authority on this subject. Located in the heart of South East Asia, Vietnam is now a modern state. The best and latest amenities, services and technologies are available. Add to these advantages the country’s natural beauty and you have the perfect destination for staying and working. Choose the right TEFL course Vietnam academy offers to get your TEFL certification.

Contact the training center if you have any more questions. A TEFL institute advisor will guide you in navigating issues related to visa, money and accommodation.

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