Why Are Limoges Boxes Famous?

You may have heard about the word Limoges boxes and wondered what they are. Well, these boxes are hand-painted and handcrafted hinge boxes made from fine French fine hard porcelain. Their history can be traced back to the mid-1700s when Europeans became tired of using Chinese hand-painted potteries. Today, they are well known and sought-after gift items worldwide.

Why They Are Famous?

In the 18th century when the use of snuff was famous, Limoges boxes were the main items used for carrying and storing stuff in the pocket. They were famous because they were also used to store items such as makeup powder, pills, jewelry, and sewing pins. They also served as the best means of transporting small love notes discreetly.

Today, they are even more popular because they are mainly collected and given out as gifts for purposes of display. However, if they have enough space inside they can still be used to store pills or hold pieces of jewelry such as earrings and rings. They are also commonly used to help keep precious things such as baby’s first tooth or a lock of hair. More so, many bridegrooms to also purchase them as a gift that they can use to keep a diamond ring inside before they can pop the question.

Moreover, since they come in different shapes and sizes, collectors and other artists can find Limoges boxes for theme-specific uses based on their interest. You can also choose a theme of interest such as animals, travel, cuisine, music, flowers, for the perfect memorabilia and keepsake. Some collectors collect retired and rare boxes such as peanuts characters and Disney.

Where and How They Are Made

For a Limoges box to be considered authentic, it must be made entirely in the Limousine region of France. Contrary to what many people believe, there is no single company called Limoges. There are many workshops, small factories and ateliers in the city of Limoges and its surrounding that produces the white porcelain. Some workshops even have their artists who help to paint the boxes. There are also other special artists whose main work is to decorate the boxes.


As you can see, Limoges boxes are not only quite fragile but valuable as well. Since there are several in the market today, you can always choose one that suits your preferences. However, it’s very important to ensure that you are only getting authentic ones.

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